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Sewing Supplies

Buy sewing supplies at Glitzerpüppi

As a hobby seamstress you will need passion and nimble hands as well as suitable utensils and materials. It does not matter if you want to fix worn out clothes or tailor something new entirely - it can't be done without the right tools. Most sewing supplies are not just handy though, you can shape your next project to your individual liking as well. Transform a plain top into an amazing looker simply by applying elastic lace. Or spice up your jeans by adding cool patches. That way you can create unique fashion quickly and convenient and become your own designer. With a couple of easy steps you can get amazing, individual results without relying on store bought clothing. Our vast selection of sewing supplies consists only of tools and accessories we approve of and use ourselves. We stock cords, hoodie cords, elastic bands, pearls, piping ribbon, lace, frills, bias tape and more. As well as yarn, needles, zippers, patches and rotary cutters along with suitable spare blades if needed. If you love sewing or crafting you will find something special at our shop - sorted by product, colour and material.